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  • The Solar Market has never been hotter! SDM delivers a variety of TCPA Compliant, validated solar leads that are qualified for real homeowners nationwide who are actively seeking to reduce their electric bills by going solar.
  • We generate over 1000 real time exclusive leads per day nationwide.
  • Our top markets include California, Arizona, Texas, New Jersey, New York, Florida, Utah, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, and Idaho
  • We can also generate anywhere else in the US, as well as Australia and Canada. (Under the radar states are priced very competitively).
  • If you're buying solar leads from aggregators like Clean Energy Experts, Leads Genesis, and Modernize, you need to compare ours- clients have consistently told us that our leads convert better.
  • 3 of the top 7 Residential Solar Companies in America buy leads from us - place a test order and find out why!

Types of Leads We Offer

SDM offers a wide variety of Solar Leads nationwide to fit any budget or business model. Whether you have a large call center who can handle hundreds of real times per day and need TCPA compliant dialer/aged data as well as live transfers to keep your callers busy or if you are a smaller group who prefers pre-set appointments to keep your sales reps closing, we’ve got you covered! Below is a sampling of our various successful lead gen campaigns:
    Exclusive Solar Internet Leads
  • 100% exclusivity for 30-60 days
  • 100% opt in and TCPA compliant
  • All online and social media driven
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Highly Scalable
  • Can perform Spanish only Campaigns(popular in TX, FL, CA)
  • Can post into any CRM
    Semi-Exclusive Solar Internet Leads
  • Same criteria as Exclusive but shared with 2-3 other solar companies max
  • Ideal for companies with a decent sized call center and CRM system who can call on this lead within 10-20 seconds of receiving the lead
    Live Transfers
  • Our call center sends your team a live prospect who has expressed interest in going solar
  • Prequalified based on your team’s qualifying criteria (minimum electric bill, credit score, etc.)
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Ideal for companies with a decent sized call center
    Pre-Set Apppointments
  • Our call center sets a pre-qualified appointment for your team
  • Prequalified based on your teams qualifying criteria
  • Appointment returned if prospect is not the homeowner
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Ideal for smaller companies who do not have a call center and largergroups with a call center who wish to boost their outside sales reps total weekly sits
    Aged Solar Internet Leads
  • Aged Solar Opt-In Internet leads
  • 14-90 days old
  • Ideal for companies with call centers who need to keep their Inside sales reps busy calling on decent quality data
  • Deeply discounted pricing
  • Very good return on investment and highly popular as a result
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Find out why 3 of the top 7 US Residential Solar companies buy our leads daily!

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