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The Solar Market has never been hotter! SDM delivers a variety of high performing TCPA Compliant solar leads that are qualified for real homeowners nationwide who are actively seeking to reduce their electric bills by going solar.

Six of the Top Ten Residential Solar Companies in America buy Solar Leads from us daily- place a test order and find out why!

If you're buying solar leads from aggregators like Clean Energy Experts, Leads Genesis, and Modernize, our clients have consistently told us that our leads convert better.

We generate several thousand real time exclusive leads per day nationwide as well as live transfers and pre-set appointments.

Types of Leads
We Offer

Solar Direct Marketing offers a wide variety of Solar Leads nationwide that fit any budget or business model. Whether you have a large call center that can handle thousands of real time exclusive solar leads per day and need TCPA compliant aged solar leads/dialer data as well as live transfers to keep your inside sales reps busy or if you are a small group who prefers pre-set appointments to keep your outside sales team closing, we’ve got you covered!

  • Real Time Exclusive Solar Leads
  • Live Solar Transfers
  • Preset Solar Appointments
  • Shared Solar Leads
  • Aged Solar Leads
  • TCPA Compliant Aged Solar Leads
  • Spanish Solar Leads
  • Home Improvement Leads
  • Deregulated Energy Leads
  • Home Warranty Leads

Press Releases

(New Jersey) Inc. 5000 list announces Solar Direct Marketing, LLC, listed at 187 in the fast-growing privately held, U.S. based companies category

Founded in 2016, a performance and digital marketing firm in New Jersey. Solar Direct started its run focusing on and securing some of what became the Solar industry's heavy hitters. Making many, including SunPro, a top 3 Residential Solar company in the U.S.

(Denver, Colorado) Inc. 5000 list announces, that Connecting the Dots a Colorado LLC, is listed at 214 in the fast-growing privately held, US based companies.

Founded in 2016, a performance marketing and technology company quickly took a dominant role in supplying both aged data and live leads to many of the Solar, Mortgage, and Insurance industries giants..

Active Prospect Vendor

Real Time Exclusive
Solar Leads

  • 100% exclusivity for 30-60 days
  • 100% opt in and TCPA compliant
  • All online and social media driven
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Highly Scalable
  • Can perform Spanish only Campaigns (popular in TX, FL, CA)
  • Can post into any CRM

Solar Transfers

  • Our call center sends your team a live prospect who has expressed interest in going solar
  • Prequalified based on your team’s qualifying criteria (minimum electric bill, credit score, etc.)
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Ideal for companies with a decent sized call center


  • Our call center sets a pre-qualified appointment for your team
  • Prequalified based on your teams qualifying criteria
  • Appointment returned if prospect is not the homeowner
  • Very competitive pricing Ideal for smaller companies who do not have a call center and larger groups with a call center who wish to boost their outside sales reps total weekly sits

Solar Leads

  • Same criteria as Exclusive but shared with 2-3 other solar companies max
  • Ideal for companies with a decent sized call center and CRM system who can call on this lead within 10-20 seconds of receiving the lead

Solar Leads

  • Aged Solar Opt-In leads
  • 14-90 days old
  • Ideal for companies with call centers who need to keep their Inside sales reps busy calling on decent quality data
  • Deeply discounted pricing
  • Very good return on investment and highly popular as a result

TCPA Compliant Aged
Solar Leads

  • High Quality Aged Solar Leads 14-90 days old
  • Post 90 day aged solar leads also available
  • Ideal for Installers with Call Centers who need to keep their dialers busy calling on decent data
  • Consistently lowest priced price per appointment versus other solar lead types
  • Deeply discounted - Best return on investment


Get Solar Leads
That Convert!

Find out why 6 of the top 10 US Residential Solar companies buy our leads daily!
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Get Solar Leads
That Convert!